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7 Oct 2014 14:39

Before Christ the Israelites worshipped God in one church. During Christ's ministry there was one church. Now there seems to exist as many churches as there are people. Is it that people know God or they are pursuing their personal gains.?

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7 Oct 2014 16:22

Quote by bwaibwai1
before Christ the israelites worshiped god in one church. During Christ's minisry there was one church. Now there seems to exist as many churches as there are people. Is it that people know God or they are pursuing their personal gains

7 Oct 2014 16:25

with god everything is possible shoo most people hoping to be helped but its the opposite people are now helping the church

7 Oct 2014 18:25

At da begınınğ da ısraelıtes were da only trıbe beıng chosen 2 worshıp God but due 2 theır ınıquıtıes Jesus came 2 clean sıns for us.by that chrıst send hıs apostles ınto dıff trıbes by hıs mercy.ın addıtıon he gave us holy spırıt to stregthen us.thereby da word spread allover da entıre wrld people 4rmıng several churches dependıng on how they understand and beleıves on.there ıs one God called Jehova but beıng worshıped on dıff angle hence creatıon of many churches.all ın all ıts a journey 2 paradıse thereby ıts rest wıth 1 to board a bus,lorry,car,plane or else on foot and shall meet on da same destinatıon.

8 Oct 2014 06:48

This is the same question that was asked by the Samaritan woman and Jesus replied in John 4 vs 21 to 24, Jesus declared, " believe me, woman, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. You Samaritans worship what you do not know, we (Jews) worship what we do know, for salvation is of the Jews. Yet a time is coming AND HAS NOW COME WHEN THE TRUE WORSHIPERS WILL WORSHIP THE FATHER IN SPIRIT AND TRUTH, for they are the kind of worshipers THE FATHER SEEKS. God is spirit and his worshipers mus worship in spirit and in truth". So its not in the church as it was neither in Jerusalem or that Samaritan mountain BUT it lies in truth. The reasons for going to church are so many you can not count but what is important is that which God is looking for, true worshipers!

8 Oct 2014 09:30

Bear in mind that we have 2 different types of church which work in harmony. 1) The local church & 2) universal church which is the body of christ comprises of believers. Guys can u xplain which one u are talking of.

8 Oct 2014 10:01

I think the question wants to address the issue of denominations not the church as in Christ.

8 Oct 2014 22:52

there is a very big difference between a church and a congrigation.a church is one built on trust and belief in Christ,which follow his will and practice his teachings.

10 Oct 2014 04:27

therez only one church i.e Roman catholc church others are protestants and ey came to b bcoz ey werent in lyn wth the teachngs of the church such as indulgencies corban etc
then ese new pentecostals base eir teachngs on gospel of wealth.

10 Oct 2014 07:47

Do u kno the meaning of catholic? It means universal as the body. Siyanai nemaztai adzo tsvagai muridzi wechechi (jesus christ

10 Oct 2014 08:06

PLIZ guys dont call curse upon urself nekushoropodza machurch evamwe.if u dont understand wat z happening in dat churchs tanga yako yaunonzwisisa coz church ndiwe munhu

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10 Oct 2014 22:30
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11 Oct 2014 14:14

When we are talking about the catholic we are talking about a club not a church

11 Oct 2014 23:18

guyz christ left 1 chrch acts 2v7 onwrds bt due to persecution the apostles moved to differnt regions preachng the gospel of christ 1 thing abt them is tht they were in 1 acord wich means they had 1 base where they reported even when Paul started his ministry he had to go to jerusalem where the apostles where bt today we have so many denominations not in 1 acord become people a refusing to report to others hence they start their denominations out of selfish ambitions and power hungry and tht have changed the whole meaning of christianity and the church is in confusion as to which 1 is the true doctrine of christ. The bottom line is God has 1 chrch which does his will

12 Oct 2014 00:33

It was after the disciples had received Holy Spirit,that Jesus Christ sent them,"Go and make more disciples..we c disciples planting churches all over,they neva stayd 1 place,bt wen pple believd n baptised by Holy Spirit,in Corinth they move on 2 evangelise etc their mission was n is today 2 reveal Christ&present hm globaly.JESUS CHRIST thrue hm the head of church won many&multiplyd wat was1 2 many.

12 Oct 2014 00:39

It is nt abut many churches,but about the Word spreadn & receivn, believn in Jesus Christ nenzira yawunonzvisisa nayo

12 Oct 2014 06:30

it's not a matter of churches, but it's about doing the will of God and to do away with the sin wherever you are

12 Oct 2014 15:11

chikoro chaicho chaitangwa one mu area vanhu vasati vaziva. schools increased as pple also increased in number and knowledge. kuwanda kwemaChurch hakuna basa chakakosha kuziva Jehova. Vanhu vazhinji vaakunamata, ndookuwandawo kwemakereke asi Satan haasi kufara nazvo and is now making pple to disagree with each other;s way of praying instead of focusing on The Most High. confusion with doctrines but ukanyatsotarisa madoctrine ese emaKereke arikutorwa muBible. Churches are jst like Schools,you choose where you want to go but at th end of th day oyou write th same paper. tikafamba munzira hautomboona kuti muPentecostal, mupositori kana muSynagogue ndeupi. varipadyo naMwari ndeupi. Kunamata kazevezeve, kukwira pamusoro pegomo kana kudaidzira kana kutsanya kana kusatsanya ummmm Our Jehova loves us all. tinongorarama zvakafanana. Kunamata kuziva zvinodiwa naJehovha uye Rudo. lets not quarrel nenyaya yemakereke, ngatizivei Jehova patiri ipapo tiitirane Rudo nezita raJesu.

13 Oct 2014 08:34

before Christ the israelites worshiped god in one church....And point of correction plz its nt god but God wth a capital G @bwaibwai1

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14 Oct 2014 02:13

I think if we look closely we'll discover that the life of the Church through the ages has always been based on the Word of God-a divine revelation to Man ,that got us moving with the will of God.
Revelation is dynamic and progressive so anyone who got it was always aware they didnt have it all.They also understood their function or place in time in what God was doing eternally...

Nyaya iri apa ndeyekuti Christ is the Foundation and the pursuit of the church-that the world may see Him in and through her.
Any church that comes up is born in time and mostly in response to a specific revelation or move of the Spirit in that specific age,but endowed with potential for continuity into other epocs of time-most people then believe they have the ultimate truth,but this is not so....revelation is understood in context of time universally and where it fits into what God is doing through Jesus Christ.
Simple problem is old churches believe they have it all rite-they are quite wrong...and the very new ones throw away what the old recieved and say they have IT.....they are also mis-led...We need to build on old,eternal truths and also run with what the Spirit is saying today.
So its not really abt how many churches we have....but how much of God's truth we are living out as believers in the Word.
Somebody said God does not want the worship of one who copies others,but one who seeks His Truth diligently....it seems to make sense.
Example is the Catholic had certain truths handed down to it.,but it abused its authority and imposed things outside the Word on its people.....false doctrine and importation of other ideals from the world....the Wesleys and others protested in wisdom and threw away the gabbage and pursued the truth,but they froze their testimony in time on the assumption that they had it all...
Today its hard for those denominations to accept revelation given after their conception,even though its biblical.
We have the priviledge of taking advantage of all the truths handed down from the Apostles as long as it is consistent with the Bible through all generations and from any denomination.
The church is that body of people who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ-His death and ressurection for their sake,and who confess His Name and Lordship.

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