Zimbabwe forum: Religion - Prophets and God's ministers yesterday and today
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5 Oct 2014 23:08

Compare today's prophets and God's ministers, is there anything showing that these prophets are God's men or could it be that these men are misleading people?
The bible was written over a period of over of 1600 years by more than 40 different people but all contents of the bible runs in conformity with each other then why today's prophets and ministers oppose each other?
Why are today's ministers so corrupt ie adultery is on the rife
Misuse of church funds and many other unothodox deeds done by thse people

6 Oct 2014 12:54

do u want us to judge, of coz we cant, my belief is God wil not let any men get away wit misleading peopl, but wen t comes to adultery, nd stuff, wel everyone who is found doing such wil reap wat u sow

6 Oct 2014 13:16

Prophets of today are up no gud ,they are after money,they speak of proseperity on earth ,they dont speak about heaven,Jesus or Peter ddnt advertise for people to come to them for help ,they just do their job nd people come them.They walk on the streets heal nd preaching .Why cant our so called prophet do same.Dont say its modern world .Jesus is tody ,yesterday tomrw he will remain the same

6 Oct 2014 13:19

Do not touch my annointd ones,i c Moses in the book of Numbers intermaryn 4 he is the 1 that told Israelites nt 2 along the way 2 the promised land,,then Mirriam his sister&Aaron rises 2 accuses hm but God punishes Mirriam&Aaron instead Moses,he live hm 2 me 4 m the1 who appointd n annointd hm.instead we stand 2 judge them, pray 4 their wickd ways...read Numbers12

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6 Oct 2014 14:27

the question is are they realy anointed and are they teaching people to obey God

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6 Oct 2014 16:42

Are we ther wen they annointed??wen Moses was annointed by God in the wildernenes no1 was wth hm,,he went 2 Egypt n told Israelites m sent 2 deliver u,sme they believd hm bt sme remained behind sayn who a u 2 tel us that a u nw God..only God knoz the annointed 1,us we shall c thm by their fruits even Christ Jesus they questioned abut hz teachingz&who hz father is..hve a discerning spirit 2 yo question, thats nt 4 us 2 answer that.some a spoken 2 thrue dreams,visions as was wth Jacob,Daniel etc

24 Oct 2014 19:47

If the world denied me Jesus Christ says,,so the world will neva understand u nor acpt u,,4 m sending u in a wolf packd world but the Spirit of the Lord wil b wth u...the way u tok n do thngs worldly men wil neva understnd u,,thats y we hve 2 pray 4wisdom,knowledge n understandn