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4 Oct 2014 12:47

BP is a chronic medical condition that affects pple in most modern societies frm all age grps It appears either as a primary condition or as a resultant frm other conditions ..It is essential to b informed abt BP,as wth other conditions and get checked,as early detection cn b a life saver .Thse posts on BPare to help educate us and help de-mystify Bp ...i hope u are greatly helped by them

6 Oct 2014 12:44

Blood pressure z the force of the blood pushn against the walls of the arteries It is recorded as two numbers ie 120/80.First #(systolic blood presha)-presha in the arteries as the heart squeezes out blood .Second#(diastolic blood presha)-pressure as the heart relaxes b4 the next beat .Average bp shld range 110/70 and 125/80 sme may b as low as 100/60.High bp 140/90 and 180/110 z dangerous .Next m going to share a few notes on hw to prevent high bp

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6 Oct 2014 12:55

1 Achieve and maintain a healthy weight: Being obese increases the risk bp increases as yo weight increases.Too much fat and cholesterol cn cause atherosclerosis it narrows the lumen of arteries there by increasing the pressure the heart requires to push blood thru ... 2 Use salt moderately :High salt content attracts water frm around yo body cells into yo blood to dilute t .The more fluid in yo blood the harder t is fo the heart to pump blood and the higher the blood presha

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8 Oct 2014 11:38

3 Eat a wide variety of healthy foods .Too much calories and fatty foods put extra strain on the heart .Choose plant based foods ie fruits vegies n legumes nt forgetn whole grains (bread n cereals) ..4 Be active evryday -Regular exercise improves heart function and lowers bp and blood cholesterol . Give yoself 15mins a day fo exercising

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10 Oct 2014 01:00

5 Avoid alcohol consumption - Alcohol taxes the liver and reduces the ability to detoxify blood thus causing mo oxidizing and damaging substances to remain in circulation ,threby harming the blood vessels

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26 Oct 2014 16:10

Thnk you very much madame doctor we are looking forward to more informative and rich topics from you...pliz musanete....zim forum tinodada nemi.!

26 Oct 2014 17:46

Thanx Sharkey fo the encouragement ..t brings a smile on my face knwing that m mekn an impact n also t is a boost to my researches eku xul

18 Nov 2014 10:34

1-Carrying too much weight around yo waistline puts u at greater risk of high b/p
2-Caffeinated bevarages can temporarily cause a spike in b/p ; dnt drink mo than 200mg of caffeine a day
3-B/p generally increases after menopause ,to control your b/p b4 and after menopause u shld maintain a healthy lifestyle
4-B/p is generally higher in winter and lower in summer thats becoz low temperatures cause yo blood vessels to narrow whch increases b/p becoz mo pressure is needed to force blood thru narrowed veins n arteries ....jus hang mo z yet to come

18 Nov 2014 14:08

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18 Nov 2014 14:13

Thank u Ndims fo that info i also wld love to hear frm any one who z a distributor of Tiens or Green world if they hav herbal supplements for hypertension

18 Nov 2014 14:36

Yes they hv it i dd visit green world

18 Nov 2014 16:08

If i may knw hw effective z t and cn t b accessible to all i mean price wise

18 Nov 2014 16:54

Hypertension is a silent killer.trust me a person wth hypertension cn look ok bt inside he/she z dying.I lost my mum last year coz of hypertension.it had come 2 e stage were t hd affected e intestines

18 Nov 2014 20:54

Fraser thats very tru i hav done a lot of research too and i was realy shocked at my discoveries and wl continue sharing the facts

18 Nov 2014 22:02

5-Pple who slp fo 5hrs or less are at a higher risk of dvloping high b/p .Sleep helps yo blood regulate stress hormones
6-High b/p cn affect overal sexual satisfaction and ths has been proved in men only as of nw.B/p damages the lining of blood vessles and coz arteries to harden and narrow thus limiting blood flow meaning less blood is able to flow to the manhood and meks t difficult to achiev and maintain erections
7-B/p if left uncontrolled t cn coz complications ie fatal heart attack,damages arteries ,the heart n kidneys .T also enlarges the left syd of the heart ,t damages the brain,suffer stokes and dementia