Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Can a broken heart be mend again?
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2 Oct 2014 23:46

1.I mean really, sme1 broke ur heart and u move on as if nothing hapns and find joy?
2.How do u deal with moving on?
3. Do u eva thnk of the perpetrator meaning the one who broke ur heart?
4. Do u revenge or u move on?
5. What is a broken heart?

I know many pipo will want to ansa the last but lets reverse everythng and save the best for the last.

3 Oct 2014 10:44

ini hangu I thnk its hard to move on

3 Oct 2014 15:27

It take a long time to ment a broken heart
But it can ment quickly if you find someone who can make you happy

4 Oct 2014 16:41

A broken heart z intense emotional pain or suffering one fls afta luzn a lovd one either through divorce breakup betrayal or romantic rejection ..yes u cn move on afta a broken heart al u hv to do z get yoself together and put yo past behind u whre t belongs Its nt an easy path to walk bt at one point in lyf u jus hv to let go no matter hw painful t may b Its also human to thnk of the one who broke yo heart bt do justice to yo heart by thnking only of the best memories that person brought in yo lyf Revenge is a sign of cowardice the villiant carries hs self respect wth hm and tries as much as they cn to find a "better" catch

4 Oct 2014 21:58

Quite hard to do but it surely can be mended.The first step is to gain confidence because once your heart has been put on the line,one tends to feel they have lost self worrh and value.Once you set yourelf back on the route to self discovery and confidence,it is easy as A B C to have your heart healed.Major point one has to cnsder before all else is to know that they donot mean any less just because they jave been broken hearted.He/She that breaks your heart,isnt any better than you.Once you cnsdr n realise tht all happens for a reason.Good or bad...it is up to you to crumble or rise.A mended heart is soo possible.Been there before i know what i am talking about

4 Oct 2014 22:27

This is difficult tyme full of sorrow,pain l cannot discribe enough how this tyme is and it takes tyme to mend its a deep wound wc takes tyme to heal;(

5 Oct 2014 14:56

How long is the healing time guyz, do u heal at all, and does it affect ur future trust and yo luv life?

5 Oct 2014 15:55


5 Oct 2014 16:38


5 Oct 2014 16:56

Yah ,cz its lyk a puzzle . It can be destroyd to start again

6 Oct 2014 00:45

A broken heart cn b mended tho t cn b a vry difficult task to carryout, tz a grt betrial 4 sure bt u nd to face reality, kp ur head up, b positive mynd & go on wth lyf, jst bcoz sombody hs broken ur heart daz not necessarily mn tht evr1 z goin to b th sam, t cn actually b a blessng n disgust & thts wn u'l fynd a perfect1 fr u to mend t, so don't lt t eat u up coz tz a sgn tht u wr not mnt to b wth th1 tht brok ur heart bt urs z stl to cam. Accept t as t z & liv a hppy normal lyf then lyf wl brighten up 4 u

6 Oct 2014 08:43

Quote by drsimbi1
How long is the healing time guyz, do u heal at all, and does it affect ur future trust and yo luv life?

6 Oct 2014 08:52


6 Oct 2014 08:55

yes, a Brocken heart can be landed.It's not all that easy though but you can make it .Just let it go and start afresh.

6 Oct 2014 08:59

You can never put a stimulated time on how long it takes to heal.Once you move put if the denial phase,all is set in motion.We all go through it,after a fall in a relationship or wen a heart has been pierced.Your heart deserves a chance in as mch z u do so dnt judge yo future love coz of past failures.Ther is smone out there waiting to love n nurture that heart of yours n in most cases a complete healing of the heart comes after you allow yrself to love again

6 Oct 2014 09:02


6 Oct 2014 09:10

Finding another man deep inside ur lady,ur wife dishout cookie-jar more than she does to u.then u say its possible to mend.....

6 Oct 2014 09:46

Most of yu guyz are spot on and have their facts correct. Mentioning name will take foreva. Its real an eye opener. Bt the heart is a very fragil part that hurts the worst.

6 Oct 2014 11:06

It does hurt and the best doctor is you.Choose to wallow in self pity and pain or allow yrslf to learn,pick up and move on

6 Oct 2014 11:55

Babymammah, pple dont choose pain. It just hapn, they wil be hoping for the best in their life. Moving on is what we all want bt our hearts are like glasses. Too fragile to tamper with.