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26 Sep 2014 14:40

Is Christianity came as a way of hijacking/casting out/phrasing out traditional mediums culture?

Lets hear, whats your views on that!.

27 Sep 2014 05:19

christiabity is a way of life

27 Sep 2014 06:58

No.xrıstanıty came as a matter of our sıns beınğ washed by Jesus on the cross by hıs blood hence we are xrıstıans not 2 cast tradıtıon.Even chrıst saıd,"gıve ceasar wat belongs to caesar & 2 god for god".so can we potray that there ıs castıng of tradıtıon.the tradıtıonal way ıs a longway to reach to god thereby people ought to préfer xrıstıanıty.food that we cook ınogutısa and also food that we pıck from bıns or gabağe ınogutısa but lets consıder the source of food now.tradıtıonàl medıums ar there but mostly present âve masvıkıro ejuju(zvıkwambo).

27 Sep 2014 07:13

Christ came to make life easy(no more blood offerrings,that was done on the cross).One believes and recieves grace,but tradition is tiresome,the 'gods' are hard to please and that causes the so called worshippers have no peace at all!!!

27 Sep 2014 07:28

When christianity came particularly into africa it gave the colonists a touching point to begin to invade our lives and cultures.The simple problem was that missionaries came on travel tickets aboard ships and companies owned by their countrymen who had other intentions than just having africa get the gospel....the gospel came with human handling,which means rakaparidzwa with the preachers' understanding and prejudices coming through,so culture and tradition and the ways of worship were crushed as happens almost anywhere a new religious philosophy is promulgated.
So,yes ,the coming of christianity did crush our native religious hold on our minds and lives directly....but culture and tradition have been eroded through time by the foreign civilisation the preachers and colonists brought to us and our adoption of the new ways of life as our world became bigger and more global.
So in the end view christianity itself claims to present for us the way to The ultimate God and salvation through faith in the Son of God who died for the sin of all.
The interesting thing with it is that circular roman history actually confirms the life and death of this man Jesus whom they called Christos...and as the circular will do,they comment on His resurrection too.!
I just thought to add that on..but at the end of the day,any religion comes with the pressumption that you are a reasoning being who must judge its tenets on fact,not heresy,so its up to us to individually question and prove what any religion presents to us as truth-even our own native religions,which may no longer just be accepted as truth without analysis.!

27 Sep 2014 08:48

Noone can come to My Father except thru Me, I am e way, the life nd the Truth. Yes everybdy can reach Jesus, no mediums, no oldaged, He s e mediator of e new testament.

27 Sep 2014 10:32

Quote by Terrence.
Noone can come to My Father except thru Me, I am e way, the life nd the Truth. Yes everybdy can reach Jesus, no mediums, no oldaged, He s e mediator of e new testament.

Yes Terry,but what really makes christianity convincing,with most religious back-ground is its sacrificial solution to sin,uncleanness and bridge btwn us and God.
It makes sense...though the difficulty is the concept of God caring enough to die for men and be a sin offering for us-thats radical.!

27 Sep 2014 21:03

Even though guys Christianity is not a racer after competition,although its carryieng capacity graph reaches the apex according to physical statestics finding than as of mediums tradition.

28 Sep 2014 11:35

Long back b4 the bible came we used 2 pray 2 God thru mediums n everything was gud. Then the whites came with the bible and tot us hw 2 read n understand it. Satan took over most of the mediums and then used most of then turning them into witchcract n native doctors. It came a time we black knew the bible mo than thoz who brot t n they started writting several versions of bibles that suites their needs. Thats when satan tuk advantage n tuk over again. 75% of modern churches, both pentecostal n the white garments, belongs 2 lucifer/satan but they claim 2 b christians. If u read a verse frm king james bble n read it again in anatha modern version u'l c kuti mabible 5 anotaura zvakasiyana but same verse. The world over satan is ruling my friends. 90% of the world is 4 satan. Some they worship satan bcoz of lack of wisdom. The devil z nw using the bible to lure pple. Modern christanity is leading pple astray thereby agreeing with u that ths is 'hijaking', casting, confusing pple and above al teaching us hw 2 b a real christain. Mapastor amazuvano akafa anomuka chipoko kana kunetsa kuti arohwe guva nekuti mafake christians. More churches, more sins, and mo avenues fo satan muvanhu vanozviti vatendi.

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28 Sep 2014 12:00

Ok,lets look at it like this-Christianity came with a broader world-view than what our local religions offered,it also gave answers beyond the conception of our mediums and brought God to the common man-a taboo in traditional religion.
For the traditionalist it was beyond their understanding to have God speak to an individual and live in a common man just by faith-this made every believer a priest of God by right....that destroyed the traditional power of mediums as the intersessors with the spirit-world.
The bible is correct,but our error is in laziness and allowing others to read it and interpret it for us:its every man/womans' obligation who is a christian to be personally deeply knowledgeable and be carrier of the 'secrets of God'.!
...so the case of 'modern-day christianity leading people astray' is nothing but a product of people who yield their minds to the manipulation of those who claim to know it all.!

24 Oct 2014 19:56

Judas Scariot died 4 hz sins&JESUS CHRIST died 4 our sins,,,like ths