Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Why do people cheat.
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24 Sep 2014 12:15

1) in a relationship 2) to family 3 to freinds

27 Sep 2014 04:59

Pple cheats in relationships bcoz of the partner's attitude(a) someone is always in bad mood u can't sit &discuss issues, (b) can't afford a joke bcoz your partner easily gets annoyed&tek thngs (seriously).(c) some partners are very talkative, protective 2 such n extend whereby the opposite is always placed under several formz of lyf threats leaving the other partner with no liberty except opting out 2 find freedom.(d) some are sex starved hence the reason to cheat(e) some cheats out of fun.

27 Sep 2014 05:13

for the thrill, revenge, sometimes to avert boredoom

27 Sep 2014 07:42

kuchiva, and at times kunyimwa zvinhu zvacho zvamakaroorerana.

27 Sep 2014 08:09

Cheating can be reduced to these three areas-physical,emotional and online..it could be due to just being in a situation or relationship one is not comfortable with,and having no guts to get out as amicably as possible.Its important,in any relationship to learn to develop mature inter-action with the other humans involved.
Physical cheating is self-explanatory....emotional cheating is where you create ties with somebody else besides yr significant other.
Online cheating is what has become popular and seems to inspire the other types of cheating.
I think its caused by lack of simple self-respect and principle.You cant be sad for losing someone without the gut to simply tell you its over-for whatever reason-they are not worth the trouble.!

27 Sep 2014 08:15

l cheat because it excites me. having that feeling that l could get caught any tym

27 Sep 2014 08:58

lust is e major in man, woman uuuummm ts money" wen a rich nigga want ya?". Revenge,starvation, are e minor causes.

27 Sep 2014 09:21

Quote by Topdawg7
l cheat because it excites me. having that feeling that l could get caught any tym

kkkkkkkkkk...this is the most to-the-point response i have seen so far-naughty,but to the point!

27 Sep 2014 09:33


27 Sep 2014 13:46
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27 Sep 2014 13:51

Its due to a believe of mastering/minding in your own privacy/business afairs kkk manhimself.

29 Sep 2014 13:56

love yakangooma

2 Oct 2014 19:48

Frm a personal angle t thrilled me jus comparing n contrasting two different characters ,analyise n wen yo mind z made up..elimination n substitution