Zimbabwe forum: Business - Ways to earn money online & from home in Zimbabwe -our tips and ideas
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16 Sep 2014 22:37

Let's share our ideas and experience how we can earn money online in Zimbabwe.
Please post only safe, scam free and trusted ways which are accessible for everyone and does not require initial money capital.

Below are some ideas, but feel free to add your own thoughts:

1. Sell your time, skills or knowledge.
Almost everyone can offer some services for money. For example you can offer your services as a DJ, singer, baby sitter, Math tutor etc.
Post free advert about your skills on MoboFree marketplace and wait while interested buyers/clients will contact you.

2. Make Money Online With Facebook page.
Anyone one can create a Facebook group fan page for a particular gossip page, love tips page or any other page that interests you.
After creating the Facebook page, invite your friends to like the page - you need to collect as big fan base as possible and build authority of your page.
Since your Facebook page has gained authority by getting several likes (the more likes you have -the more money you can expect) - you can start searching for advertisers and tell them about your page and that you are interested in marketing their products through your page in exchange of a commission or a fixed price.
You can use Facebook to sale your products and advertise your services and increase sale.

3. Earn money with web page or blog in Zimbabwe.
You do not need to be programmer to have own site. There are a lot of free services like Wix.com allowing to create own web or mobile site for free.
When you create a site, for you to get returns on the time you invest, you must provide the online community with original content that would be interesting for your potential readers.
Once you get your blog/website running, its time to monetize it. Use Google Adsense to make money - you will get paid per every click.Also there are a lot of other advertising networks, paying per click, like Buzzcity.com or Adiquity.com

4. Academic Writing for Students in Western Countries
This is helping students with their assignments ranging from essays, term papers, dissertations/thesis etc. Usually students seeking these services are from Western Europe, USA, Asia.
There are two ways to make money with academic writing – creating your own website where the students place their orders or working for these websites. Second way is much more effective.

Have any more ideas how to earn from home? Please share here.

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18 Sep 2014 13:20

Wow thank you very much mobofree. . How can someone make money with facebook page. . Please it's facebook that we pay me or who. .? And second can i make money using mobofree affiliate program?

19 Sep 2014 07:49

How does the transaction go about for my payment?

24 May 2015 18:13

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13 Apr 2016 18:58

Great oppotunity to make a killing

1 Sep 2016 18:06

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5 Nov 2016 05:51

Good morning guys I am excited about this business and am going to break it down to you in simple terms u can understand. Am going to present the Swisscoin business to you
Swisscoin is a currency that is like USD Rand Pound Naira etc but the difference from these other currencies is that it is invisible money (you can not touch it) its called virtual money
Let me take you bek to the evolution of money........bek then pple used to do barter trade to do business like if I have 1 cow I could exchange it say for 5 goats (its just an example).....this era passed and physical money was brought in the picture....money that we can see wch we can use in shops etc as a means of exchanging things (I give you money you give me a packet of sugar)
Another form of payment we know is money transfers like RTGS bank transfers, Ecocash, etc....All these are being done because pple are exchanging certain things in the process.....it can be labour, commodities, properties etc
NOW THERE IS CRYPTOCURRENCY OR VIRTUAL MONEY wch you can also use to make payments, trade etc......Swisscoin like I said earlier it is not physical money that you can see.....there is a way its made....I will not touch that now becoz I dont want to confuse you with many things at once....for now you only need to know that Swisscoin is digital currency
The first digital currency produced was bitcoin in 2009. As explained above

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