Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Acknowledging mistakes
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3 Sep 2014 08:41

In relationship,if you were to be given another chance would you accept the offer?
For instant:
1) marryieng a parterner hoping to create a smooth sound relationship
2) a parterner who doesn't appreciate your efforts.
3) an i don't care attitude parterner
4) loossing your virginity to a wrong parterner/ a time pusher/whilst you were not matture enough or capable in decision making purposes.

5 Sep 2014 21:15
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6 Sep 2014 13:37

gud message

6 Sep 2014 17:15

I dnt think i will tke tht chance again 4 wrong reasons bt will only if its going to be a sound relationship

7 Sep 2014 12:03

As for me i will appreciate my outcome/what i deserve,because i do beleave/suppose that its God's plan because for every step you encounter in your life saves purpose,although some other different views says your life is what you make it/manage