Zimbabwe forum: Politics - Children rights
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23 Feb 2014 21:58

Do we really need to go against childtens right.Fellow citizens what do you think.

2 Mar 2014 15:03

I think upholding childrens' rights is very important in any country.....these reveal a countrys' seriousness abt the good of their pple-and it all starts with the children...

30 Jan 2016 11:19

What are children's rights the only rights kids have is to listen to their elders we are at risk of losing ourselves our identity hunhu hwedu coz we blindly follow whites thinking they are always right white culture is devilish right now in England kids in primary school get contraceptives in the name of children's rights (bullshit) they are given the right to make decisions beyond their age to such an extent if u infringe on them a child can get a parent arrested we are Africans we are the descendants of the 12 tribes of Judah God's chosen race the race He loves the most white culture has fr centuries spread propaganda so u forget this but it is written the chosen tribes pay lobola fr the bride they have totems the descendants of Abraham children until they r deemed adults have only one right to obey their parents yes they are entitled to a name to food to shelter to education nd health just like everyone else but their opinions hardly shape society