Zimbabwe forum: Religion - medical world against prophetic world
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19 Aug 2014 22:11

is the medical world working against the prophetic world or vice versa?is it ok for the annointing oil to be sold in pharmacies?

20 Aug 2014 10:40

Its workn hand in hand

20 Aug 2014 10:57

the bible is clear on the only adminstrators of the annointing as Men of God only are the ones who put the oil on the head of those who will be sick like wht the bible says in ;James 5:14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord: .however there z ntng wrong wth selling oíl as agents for the Man of God such that when they want to pour out the spirit of God on a medium that those who a sick or inflicted can go and buy it from them. cz nt always can Churches give free oil to those who dont want to use it or those who dont beleive n using oil

20 Aug 2014 11:01

Can I have an answer which is clear answer wy are zim prophets anointed outside of zim does it mean zim is not a spirit full nation

20 Aug 2014 11:49

@Tafadzwa but why cant the prophets just lay hands on the sick pple,if it means giving them the anointing oil than lukin for the agents to sell for them the anointed oil.

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20 Aug 2014 19:43

Everythng comes wth a reward thez nothng 4 free...u hve 2 gve 4 u to receive.

20 Aug 2014 19:51

Even the Shunamite woman was asked by prophet Elisha what do u have 4 u 2 bless,,thez alwaz a condition or an action 2 take 2 b blessed

21 Aug 2014 15:04

Hapeno Biltshuks...but pamwe tingarasika zvedu-besides giving relief,healings and all else done by the power of God is not designed just to heal and show off Power.My conviction is Gods' intent is to truly let the sick come to know Gods' love for them...saka first responsibility yaMan of God wedu ndeyekuratidza munhu rudo nehanya dzamwari naye...kana takubhadharisa we miss the point...anyway,somewhere it says 'freely you have recieved,freely give'...but then,hameno.!

21 Aug 2014 18:41

We mssn the point its nt kubhadarisa...kunamatirwa its free akubhadariswe.wat hapend 2 the ten man wth leprosy they wer heald bt only1 came bek..do u thnk akangouya empty handd?obvious he brot a gift to apreciate the love of Christ.kwedu we do sell the anointn n water but wen thez a serious nid they gve freely asi ukapona ka u cme n apreciate the Power of God

21 Aug 2014 18:43

The layn of hands that1 its free

21 Aug 2014 18:49

Yes Sharkey it was to demonstrate love,,,then if u gvn n shown LOVE iwe wat do u do jst sit?? NO but u 2 submit n obey..they wer heald n shown love bt they neva dd their obligation

23 Aug 2014 14:05

Kkkk,i am on the spot.....you are rite,asi nyaya ndeye free-will-you bring a gift nekuti unayo and coz you understand its implication.problem is wen magifts are demanded that warps everything.It is good to give an offering of thanks-it benefits the giver asi kana anoreciever on behalf of God akutoti give give...thats a problem and mis-representation of the character of God....or so i feel...!

25 Aug 2014 23:05

i thnk kutenda kwemunhu ndiko kunoita kuti aporeswe,if a person doesnt hev faith in him or her,even if he or she goes and buy that annointing water,nothing wil happen.i thnk ots beta to be given that annointing water for free,kana uchinge wazopora,then u gve a token of appreciation to these man of God.