Zimbabwe forum: Family & kids - Restore extended family to build strong family units and responsible citizens!
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14 Aug 2014 23:33

Our culture and a strong nation was built on a strong extended-family support structure,its breakdown is the reason for family breakdowns,divorces,juvenile delinquents and a generally lost generation-To heal the nation we must go back to basics-True/false??

29 Jan 2016 19:56

Yes it's true that African culture is based on family unity family togetherness it's also true to say the family unit is the building block of a nation that no nation can be successful when it's families are not well I m talking from an African definition of success we must realize that our families were destroyed first by slavery then by colonialism but even with these factors Africans themselves are to blame for the total death of the extended family from an African perceptive a child belongs to the community by this notion alone teenage delinquency was minimized coz parenting was collective but now coz of a desire to be called modern children are now fr individuals u actually hear a man shout and curse coz another adult castigated or disciplined his child teachers can't even discipline children at school without the parent showing up the next day furious hence children behave waywardly in old African society there were no orphans coz uncles looked after children in event of the parents passing on they looked after them as if they were their own aunts counseled girls uncles counseled boys making certain behaviour was good but now fr the love of money families are scattered family members compete amongst themselves instead of assisting one another this is the demise of our families it is however important to note that the desire to reinstate the extended family should come from within the families themselves