Zimbabwe forum: Jobs and Career - Financial Independence
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14 Aug 2014 22:57

'Getting a job is a means to an end-we go to work to get capital to finance our dreams and become financially independent-not to earn a pension'..what do you think.?..why do you go to work.??

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18 Aug 2014 12:22

I believe there is noway one can become a millionaire doing an ordinary day job unless there is serious corruption at your work place, If you are lucky enough to be working its an opportunity to build a foundation to your own empire, otherwise unongofa uchishandira vamwe. i think a job should just be a stepping stone.

18 Aug 2014 14:13

Precisely...its not an issue of becoming a millionaire,but developing yourself to stand on yr own feet.Employers have money and you can sell your labour and expertise to them to get the capital you need to uplift yourself so you never need to slave for anybody else-fun idea.?!