Zimbabwe forum: Other - challenging life moments
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22 Jul 2014 04:12

what's your most challenging moment in life? for me it's saying I luv u to girl for the first time!

22 Jul 2014 15:08

we all. got UPS and downs me is to lose the one I love pheeeeeeeeeeeew

23 Jul 2014 13:01

True,bibgee.I once lost 4 family members in 3days and was left wrecked.With time and God's hand the wounds healed.I feel splendid now.

23 Jul 2014 23:08

saying goodbye

24 Jul 2014 22:43

i think dying nd not knowing wer u wud b,heaven or hell

26 Jul 2014 14:15
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26 Jul 2014 15:13

Me and my sister we got misunderstanding so life becomes so hard 2 me l wish God can help us 2 make our relationship strong again

27 Jul 2014 04:33

me guyz i lost my mother an ma sister in a month and am stil tryin to move on this hapend 2yerz ago

27 Jul 2014 09:17

I cant let go e ones i love