Zimbabwe forum: Family & kids - Should parents have a say when choosing our marriage or life partners?
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11 Jul 2014 08:37

Wats yo views or comments?

12 Jul 2014 22:10


12 Jul 2014 22:49

Nop i hve 2 chse 4 myself

12 Jul 2014 22:54

Well its ur right to choose whom u wud lyk to marry,but there times whereby ur parents wud see that the person you want to marry has got some hidden agenda and remember they do it out of love,but at the end of it all love thats wat matters

12 Jul 2014 23:18

Hmmm . Nomatter what parents want or say , the bottom line z it makes two to tango so t all lies in yo hands though i agree that parents do it out of love:p

13 Jul 2014 08:23

Ini i think if parents try to have a say when you are choosing a partner, they are already too late-i believe they should groom me from youth to know the right kind of person,then let me choose on my own..

13 Jul 2014 14:12

This is very true

14 Jul 2014 23:00

no. no no...not @ all...never...

14 Jul 2014 23:53

Hakuna iyoyo dat z history we ar nw living n a morden world with human rights.

15 Jul 2014 03:33

yes bcoz they had more experience in life than us,there are more devorce coz of our poor choices

16 Jul 2014 08:55

you make your own choice and your parents will help you see the manners of your lover and they tell you if tht person is good to be ur life partner. ..

16 Jul 2014 23:38
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17 Jul 2014 15:17

I agree to disagree it depends with background maybe u stayed together in the same area for long so parents have seen it all. They have their opinion and. On the other hand u need to choose for urself. So u wl not blame any one in future when 'shit' happens.

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18 Jul 2014 02:34

Hell nooo

24 Jul 2014 13:32

Not really

28 Jul 2014 18:07

Neva...no1 choz 4 em wu 2 mary!!..sam aplies 2m,my life..my love!!

28 Jul 2014 19:07

parents shud neva eva choose who u marry n dont marry for u r the 1 hu nos y u luv tht person n neva marry fo money n property

29 Jul 2014 00:48

Bradley,lets be honest ,in the real world we marry and get married for the most out-rageous reasons...without guidance from the sober-minded parents and relations people who have 'fallen in love' would suffer worse distress on their own than mere heartbreaks of being forced by family to break it up.!

30 Jul 2014 11:49

Parents do not hve to choose for u but u need their opinion.remember they are your parents,they know you better than anyone and they know whats good for their baby. What ever opinion they give,will be out of love though they can make mistakes. What I know from experiece is that we also want our parents to be pleased with our choices especially with u guys,u want your mothers opinion most. Wooooo with boys,u want to impress your mothers so automatically u involve them in your choice. Its wise to ask for their opinion coz they hve been there and most of all, you need their blessing. You do your own choice and they help in vetting,but they must not force you in any situation.remember u will not live in a vacuume with that partner of yours and from what we know no matter the love we hve for each other Marriage is an uphill and at tyms you will need their help.so th choice u make determines th future of your marriage therefore ,I think when making our life choices ,tread carefully and its wise to involve family though its u with th final say.

1 Aug 2014 12:04

It Is Not All That You Want You need It Or It Is Good 4 You..Smetimes U Need A Third Eye