Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Looking for Moderators for "Romance" section
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10 Jan 2014 06:58

Hello all. We are looking for moderators for "Romance" section of the forum.
In order to participate you must:
1. Have 3rd or higher level.
2. Be posted at least 10 interesting and valuable topics in "Romance" section.
3. Have a possibility to dedicate at least 1 hour per day for forum supervision.
4. ONLY if you qualify all 3 requirements mentioned above, you can apply by posting reply to this topic. Explain in your reply WHY you want to be moderator and why we should choose you.

Moderators’ responsibilities: supervision of dedicated Forum section (edit/confirm/delete topics, ban flooders, etc.), posting of new and interesting topics.
All moderators will be granted with free Mobopoints for their help and never ending gratitude of all MoboFree team and members!
Moderators will be announced till 15.02.2014.

17 Jan 2014 11:18

I want to be on board coz i can work under any circumstance.you can chose me coz i ca work under pressure

25 Jan 2014 03:03

Hi , i am wishing to be a moderator . To help you in anyway. I am a boy who follows orders or rule please just let me help.

17 Feb 2014 18:01

I would really want 2 be a moderator of e rromance section coz I hv a fair understanding of flourishing and withering love thru experience and caeful observation plus I know hw 2 spice up a bored people into havin fun and hope for more from the mobo team

17 Feb 2014 19:58

Would very much like to be moderator for the romance section becoz i like to keep learning new ideas which would help spice up the forum.im also very passionate about things i commit to which means i'll make myself available for the forum.i hope you consider me.Thnx..

26 Mar 2014 17:02

you can choose me coz i really like to see people together and in love so i think i got some experience on how to get people close and together

25 Jun 2014 09:56

Hey I like to be a moderator cus im just like a fortune teller so I can help

7 Aug 2014 02:07

rather col mi Mr Moderator coz u a ol nt awer dat im a mastafl opotunist into luv matters

15 Aug 2014 18:04

I know a great deal in love and romence,so allow me to help

17 Aug 2014 23:38

It only take sacrifice and determination for one to be ambigous on the above name forum. My reason why I deem appropiate to this job is the creativity and benevolent of creating skeptism in participants to create anxiety to stay logged on.

20 Aug 2014 22:30

I'm quite interested,pliz let me

22 Aug 2014 16:45

Is th lake of romance in amarriege or reletionship be the cause of breakdown th above?1 is it bcs one of th two is not taking th afear siriusly 2 or is it bcs both parts are not kiping there promisses! 3 who have th responsibility to look after th marriege or reletionship?

12 Nov 2014 08:47

I want to be on board respornd quicker

22 Jan 2015 01:06

u cn choose any of us cz evr1 wanna be apart of it n thnx for improvin ou suite

12 May 2015 22:07

The best comes within,unless you like me you wont even understand me.Im looking forward for a dazone of likess from you guys

15 May 2015 22:02
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18 May 2015 13:40

Stany Matazy