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6 Feb 2014 08:17

Guys lets talk about keeping ourselves healthy

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9 Feb 2014 15:20

this person is a gay remove /ban him from this mobofree.

14 Feb 2014 11:37

I think not...just populist and attention-seeking....like all of us.However to the topic;For man itz very healthy to develop some muscle on your body....wld be good to have a pair of dumbells to use and eliminate fat in most areas of the body...you feel good and you dont go off the shelf fast!

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19 Feb 2014 09:53

its good for a man being smart.for me i hate pimples and black heads buy your body lotion which suite your skin.if your skin is too oily try to use Garnia oil control for man or if you have dry skin try either Nevia for man,Vaseline for man lotins with moisteriser and use face wash almost twise a week.if you have combination skin you should use even skin toner products to soften dry areas and removes acess oil on you T zone

19 Feb 2014 09:55

chikadiba jus fuck yourself nowerdays man can get manicure and makeup too its jus a matter of fashion if you dont like it its up to you,so dont consider others gay

8 Jun 2014 23:00

health is a wide topic but mainly phsical, mental and social well being do matter(battery out)

9 Jun 2014 04:13

Haa Chikabida shuldnt read btwn e lines,hygiene n health matters do not amt 2 gayism.

9 Jun 2014 14:33

Quote by Trevsean
Guys lets talk about keeping ourselves healthy
well i was chatting off wen my battery went off i just wanted to ask what you needed exacty touched on

9 Jun 2014 14:54

hey i keep on loosing my materil wn i want to senf ANY LIMIT TO LENGTH OF REPLY

9 Jun 2014 18:00

tell me bro about wht u thnk of ur hygne

30 Jun 2014 17:22

hie guys cn u try to use vaseline skin invegotation soap nd vaseline for man lotion nd get rid of dry skin nd black heads hey be smart guys

23 Aug 2014 00:29

Ndwe unoziva wangu

14 Oct 2015 09:44

Your healthy is a natural and easy thing to maintain and all comes from how fat or slim is yo wallet BUT to just bath each and everyday can change your skin.

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4 Dec 2015 18:50

thnx wangu hwzt