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23 Jan 2014 07:46

Is hate or hurt the best reciprocal of lost love

23 Jan 2014 07:53

Letting go and moving on seems so hard, every moment u are faced with separation frrom e ones u love, we either hate them, hate God or hurt ourselves in e process bt is it really the way 2 grow into strong pipo, I suggest pullin urself up n be a better man or lady 4 ur next love

24 Jan 2014 22:36

Nid replies 4rm u pipo, jus post ur ideas

25 Jan 2014 08:16

Hie Harris.fortunately for us the attention is detachable,otherwise we'd die of heartbreak-so we focus on something else or someone new....

25 Jan 2014 20:05

Sm pipo r adicted 2 pain hako iwe nayshe, they pretend as if havarwadziwe ivo vachirwadziwa, I jus dnt knw y they dnt leave u alone iwee usingachade

26 Jan 2014 06:46

still cms down 2 e lettin go issue tho..........the best thing 2 let go 1st is ur pride then ur heartbreaker

29 Jan 2014 02:53

Ah guyz brkng up z 1 of d hardest thngz tn deal w t mkes thnk unreasonably bt somtymz u hv to let go u can jus b frndz no need 4hate

29 Jan 2014 16:16

i think its best to let go first, pull yoself together, getn rid of anything dat reminds u of yo x, its hard i knw bt if u get into another relationship stil thinkn abt yo x the other part wil suffer cos u wil start to compare n u bound to fight over silly things

29 Jan 2014 18:54

Thanks Nayshe Harris

30 Jan 2014 11:39

U welcome hey bt wat I do 2 deserve thanx man

30 Apr 2014 22:25

Yeah,i get u shaa.Am past a break-up but i'm going crazy....not that i wanna involve her,coz shes gone and i'm too proud to beg her to come back,but shaa though i don't say it out i'm breaking apart..cant live without her but theres nothing i can do abt it- am i going mad????

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