Zimbabwe forum: Fashion - 3 Fashion mistakes that most ladies in Zimbabwe make
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16 Jun 2014 12:43

1. Bling overload. A bit of shine might look interesting, but a lot of shine will only do wrong. More modest look will create that attractive mysterious feminine look.
2. Undrewear gone wrong. Visible panty lines or bra straps are a strict NO-NO! Smooth curves look much better, don't they?
3. Peek-a-Bra! Letting underwear show under a perfect sheer top is fine. But allowing bra straps peek out is just not good!

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28 Jun 2014 03:03

its all there and tru!!

4 Jul 2014 01:49

bling overdose

10 Jul 2014 23:20

Unotoona ka G-string kachirova Makoni nepakati. Zvinobhowa mhani ..Underwear ndeyemukati nhai .

11 Jul 2014 17:18

yep its just too much

11 Jul 2014 21:56

unobva washaya kuti zvirikumbofa-sei

11 Jul 2014 23:54

Its women and the world..they were once looked down upon..now are on the centre helm of displaying nakedness and their curves as power..

3 Oct 2014 15:22


1 Nov 2014 16:00

Kkk Bling overdose true...smetimes i lyk it natural wthout thoz fake nails,human hair eg

13 Jan 2015 05:41

kkkkkkkk ndaseka hongu