Zimbabwe forum: Literature - Do You Enjoy Reading In Print, Audio Or Digital?
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8 Jan 2014 15:25

Like everyone - I've started from printed books. But growing up and facing the ever growing rise of technological advancements, I came to love and cherish reading in digital format. Though it has its disadvantages like when there is no power on your gadgets and you will yearn for that hard copy. There is also the risk of long exposure of the eye to rays from the gadgets. All in all i still prefer reading in digital format. What about you?

30 Jul 2014 01:49

I enjoy the hard copy a lot but i'm falling in love with audio-books since i started reading books out loud to myself,its a whole new experience.With the audio you have a rendering that brings the book to life for you and helps the imagination come alife.....it becomes an audio-movie.!

On the other hand digital print is winning generally as novels and newspapers are coming on our palm-tops...i think print-media industry is really in trouble from unbeatable competition that is phasing hard-copies out-digital is cheaper and offers better options too.!

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30 Jul 2014 02:19
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30 Jul 2014 02:27

i like reading

30 Jul 2014 02:32

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