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4 Jun 2014 16:39

How can we balance individual liberty and democracy? Should we prioritise individual freedom? But in a democracy evryone has the right and freedom to act in his or her own will. Is it not going to promote more conflicts in the society? should we therefore limit individual freedom at the expense of collective rights and freedoms?

27 Jun 2014 06:42

I think taking a page from ancient case studies individual liberty is allowed as far as it does not harm our collective liberties...it has always been done that in democracies where the individuals' exercise of freedom encroaches on the general/societal balance he /she is stepped on..!....So there is nothing really like an absolute democracy-we only have controlled democracies!Therefore the trick lies with the architects of any democracy-hw bright or insightful they are...that determines the limits and success of yr 'Democracy'..

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28 Jun 2014 03:06

Politics is not for the perfect.Perfect people cant lead people!!

28 Jun 2014 10:55

Kkkk Wilson,i think you will see differently......perfect pple set standards for success for their pple....politics is definitely NOT for the corrupt/imperfect...coz u destroy lives..!

3 Jul 2014 13:39

When u talk about individual liberty what exactly are u talking about??-i guess its an individual's freedom be it expression,protection of the law,of worship,health,food,education etc.those rights are well accepted in a democracy.freedoms and democracy is just one inseperable thing.democracy consolidate freedom visa vis

5 Jul 2014 02:27

Ok Bvumo...my trail of thot was that democracy is such an over-used word,and thereby we assume too much abt its meaning.Due to physical law u can never have a perfect,definitive democracy where u enjoy absolute human freedoms...you can only find a balance-point btwn sociological and the individuals liberty..

5 Jul 2014 02:36

I think yes pple should have their freedom and dats democracy,but that freedom should not be over emphasised/used,hence the enactment of laws.

5 Jul 2014 02:41

Freedoms and rights must never ignore the cultural identity and context they r to function in,else they destroy who we are as a people.....there is always the cultural-moral referee to our freedoms or we r dehumanised..

5 Jul 2014 02:46

Thats true.i totally agree with u,becoz if we ignore the cultural aspect of it,we will end up enforcing laws that are a taboo to our culture eg homosexual laws/gay rights

5 Jul 2014 03:13

Kkkk Kassmania u ,my friend are in danger of being politically incorrect ,...and becoming a punching bag for democratic zealots.!

7 Jul 2014 02:35

Democracy is nothing but a theory .Its a word manipulated to suit political interests .

11 Jul 2014 18:00

interesting arguments i thnk. True of coz, the word democracy has been manipulated to suit certain political interests but at the same time if it was not for the fear of losing political recognition, governments would not trouble themselves trying to implement some of the principles that characterise democratic governance given the diversity sorrounding the definition of the term.
In implenting such principles as rule of Law, separation of Power, respect for constitutional rights of people among a variety of them, methinks society is served, served from itself, from the selfish nature of mankind because without these laws that grant and limit individual rights, surely a state of nature was going to exist whereby mankind was going to act according to his own will hence the brewery of conflicts in the society.
In a democracy now individual freedom is granted and withdrawn too thus when it is considered to be threatening the immediate person's peace. "the immediate harm principle" if you like to call it that way.
My question was now on the limitation part, how do we limit individual freedom i mean the amount and nature of the limit? Are we not limiting the best part that is supposed to be enjoyed by an individual? It's good for the peace of the society bt again if we dont draw those limits, are we not going to experience a scenario whereby one would act in a manner that satisfies himself without paying any attention to the next person's own interests.
As an example, how is one going to acquire and make use of information. It should be an individual right i think. But however, wldnt the information harm state security if no limit is put on the acquisation aspect? I dont know

12 Jul 2014 12:20

Whn we tok of democracy wi shld nt frget to differentiate freedom and liberty. The absents af freedon dsnt min therz no democracy. Bt the the absents of liberty thr z no democracy. ( Alfred solomon 1998 . The legal and moral rights of a citizen )

12 Jul 2014 22:45

Really true

17 Jul 2014 15:22

Wow what's democracy first

30 Jan 2016 11:06

Democracy is a misconception it's just a word but in reality there is no democracy there is no freedom without consequence God Himself is not democratic that's y He gave Moses over 50 commandments yes there were that many not the 10 yo edited bible talks abt society is not democratic that's y u hve laws if there was total freedom there wouldn't be any rules so use the word democracy sparingly in reality it's non existent take America fr instance the so called most democratic state it's run by criminals the only real Americans the red Indians are marginalized the English nd Europeans enslaved other races colonized an entire continent but they aren't willing to give up gains from this in the name of democracy hence its just an ideal to be persued but Nvr attained

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3 Feb 2016 13:49

Mmm quiet an interesting interuction based on platform democracy always granted I have to join the exciting chain of thought.Th at is democracy online as long as there is no comprise to individual rights-sic participation, expression,association Democracy at big MoboFree is exercised and in full practice...as long as noone is denied by the other His/Her right to constructive participation.Ladies and Gents it does not amount to infridgement of Ones,Right to read and share accessible files as a profiles photos etc.I will never call this callous and compromise to inðividualright to privacy and a comprise as to ones'but use by institutional right.Because big MoboFree is and do provide unconfidential exposure to we.Take for instance AIPPA. the message is clear in defining the context and extent of obtaining and use of information.POSA.is designed to protect Citizens from any form of violence in public and dissermination of this Statitute to procure political or public Office is a violation of Democratic Rights and so we have the LegalFrame assigned to Protect the Individual Right which amounts to the collective Freedom.Socialising every- one at big MoboFree is a Demacratic Right and amounts to Social Networking- our Collective Fraternity. security