Zimbabwe forum: Fashion - Multiple Ear Piercings, Cool, Hot or Disgusting?
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8 Jan 2014 14:52

I noticed this is a trending thing nw. We now see ladies with 2, 3, 4 and more piercings on their ears and each of these carry ear rings.
Do you really find this fashionable?
As a guy, would you mind if your girlfriend or wife has this number of piercings?
Do you find ladies with more than one piercing on each ear attractive, sexy or hot?

19 Feb 2014 15:07

it depends with occation or style of clothes she wore that day,if its formal only 1 can sout her ears, if its jeans and heels its hot,in a bumshort and stilleto its sexy

1 Nov 2014 15:51

I find it Disgusting