Zimbabwe forum: Romance & Friendship - Do girls get fed up with on his boyfriend??
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18 Jan 2014 18:58

i need to know guys...how do u realise it?what do u do next?When your girlfriend is fed up on you?

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20 Jan 2014 09:04

if she loves you, why is she fed up with you

20 Jan 2014 10:10

wen she tells yu she is busy today and tomorrow and the day after

20 Jan 2014 12:12
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20 Jan 2014 13:59
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21 Jan 2014 07:08

blah blah

21 Jan 2014 16:35

Its not that she will be fed up,she would have met someone else

21 Jan 2014 18:53

Obvious it is the end of the relationship.You may try your best if she's really fed up with you there's nothing you can do.It hates most especially if u love the girl.

22 Jan 2014 06:31

Nt wth me i love him so much...wanna b n hz hands alwaz

22 Jan 2014 08:17

yes girls get fed up f u r too stingy esp on money issues,js copy my style guys let girls enjy e fruits of yo labour easy as tht i tel u

22 Jan 2014 09:15

make the nxt mve.

22 Jan 2014 17:02

dont expect love in return . let it grows in your heart. just listen to your heart . love grows . everything fades up ,love money or even beauty

23 Jan 2014 07:39

U knw its over 4rm e content of wat u share, may it be tok, tym, activities, u will reach a point in ur relationship whr u knw u cnt genuinely mek her smile or happy........then u will hv 2 let the bird fly away or else ur heart's e onli thing in line 4 hurt

23 Jan 2014 18:47

Yah if U don't communicate n also U put a password on ur phone n laptop n also wen U visit her ur phone will be off ah she will be fed up rilly n be interested to someone else shame

24 Jan 2014 10:43

Kana waona zvakadero regedza.start a new relationship.

25 Jan 2014 02:54

i need to know guys...how do u realise it?what do u do next?When your girlfriend is fed up on you?[/quot

25 Jan 2014 19:17

Pipo rilly nid help wen it cms 2 issues like this I c coz honestly wat I will tell u is u alwayss knw wen ur chick is fed up of u bt u jus deny it coz u cnt face reality and some it is pride bt nyway e answer is thr is no formulae 2 knw it coz every girl is unique 2 her actions bt u will definately knw it urself so acceptance of reality is required on ur part

26 Jan 2014 01:13

Just leave go o with lyf

26 Jan 2014 15:08
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30 Jan 2014 10:24
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