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8 Jan 2014 14:47

Two lovers decided to commit suicide. They got to the mountain top and the lady suggested that the guy jump first being a man, the guy jumped. The lady closed her eye,s walked away and said: love is blind. The guy released his hidden parachute, shook his head and said: true love never dies

3 Apr 2014 11:35

kkkkk great

14 Apr 2014 13:30


20 Apr 2014 00:38

tru tht...

29 Apr 2014 06:49


22 Jul 2014 01:26


24 Jul 2014 13:26

So who was clever here kkkkk

17 Aug 2014 09:52

matsotsi hagerani

17 Aug 2014 10:33
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22 Aug 2014 02:02

True love is in men not in woman

6 Nov 2014 07:01

hoo nhai

3 Jul 2015 07:00

If its true y did he hev a parachute

3 Jul 2015 10:31

laddies lie they dont love us she was now going bek to c her boyfriend

11 Sep 2015 23:41

Quote by anderson0737
kkkkk great


4 Jul 2016 19:36

The first Governer of the Reserve Bank mitigated the economic shortfall by printing a set of multiple denominational currencies.His term expired the day after.A succesor was appointed and He decided to print more currency and advocates for Human Rights q ueried the wisdom of printing more currency.He answered "People have saved other than capitalizing.Woe betide them and their savings."Many lost their savings and become poorer and thus become legible for charity.

5 Jul 2016 15:35

Bibilically it is He/She who never spinned proceeds of trust/talent who earned the ire of the MASTER-had the talent invested in them wrenched away and the person casted/chased away.And those who engaged in uncomissioned laundering endeared themselves with the MASTER and was rewarded.

9 Jul 2016 21:46

kkkkkk so funny