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8 Mar 2016 05:36

Shocking: A Grandmother let a Young Girl Eat the Food that She Already Chewed; the Result is Terrible!

A 2-year old girl named Dolly, local of Zhenjiang, China, suffered from severe ulcer and vomited blood due to a bacterial infection. Her parents were very surprised when they brought their daughter to the hospital. They told the doctor that Dolly is a very cheerful girl and her appetite is good. Apparently, they have observed that their daughter's behavior changed.

The young girl has always been accompanied by her grandmother. After a series of tests, they diagnosed the presence of a bacteria called Helicobacter Pylori in the girl's body, which is one of the most terrible organisms that can be found in human. Doctors wondered how the poor girl acquired the bacteria. They had the grandmother tested and they found out that she also has it. Because of that, the old lady confessed that there are instances that she chews the food first before she let Dolly eat it. Such a disgusting act, isn't it?

Watch the video for the complete details
Parents should always keep an eye if their kids. Part of being a parent is responsibility of making sure that the children are safe and unharmed. Even relatives sometimes should not be trusted when it comes to their welfare. What do you think?
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