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8 Mar 2016 04:45

What we all didn't know is that our dreams have a deeper meaning. Our dream contains hidden messages and some things that appear in our dream has something to say about our life, fate and relationship.

12 Kinds Of Dreams That Have Secret Meaning In Real Life! MUST READ!!!

We always wonder what are the meanings of our dreams. Sometimes we had dreams that makes us feel better when we wake up in the morning and some our nightmares which haunts at night.

Studies shows that dreams are somewhat related to the psychological state of our minds and it can also be related to what is happening in our lives.

Now here are few of the common examples and explainations of dreams that people commonly had.

#1. Boxes

If you see a box in your dream, it means that there is a secret that your subconcious mind is trying to reveal. An empty box usually pertains to the disappointments currently happening in your life and the box being opened or about to be opened pertains to secrets you told or about to tell to others.

#2. Falling

When you dream of falling in your sleep, it pertains to the fear of failure that you have in your life, it also encompasses the loss of control in circumstance you are currently having in life.

#3. Cats

Cats in your dreams pertains to strength in Character, Power and Spirituality. The subconcious mind hints that there is something connected in your spirituality.

#4. Teeth

When you dream about teeth or a tooth it pertains to health, aging and appearances. When you dream of getting a tooth out it means that you have fear of death or getting old. Your subconcious mind reminds you to live life to the fullest.

#5. Ants

When you dream about ants it symbolizes the strong relationships you have towards your loved ones, sometimes when ants are in your dreams it warns you about others who were pressuring you and trying to cause problems in your relationships with your loved ones.

#6. Hair

Dreams about hair pertains to freedom, sexuality and relationship status. The mind gives you an idea on how you should express yourself towards your partner

#7. Water

When you dream about bodies of water and being in water it pertains about uncertainties, ambition and risks. It means that you are about to take some huge risks in your life. You better start living an optimistic life.

#8. Flying

When you are flying in your dream it represents the courage and the positive attitude in your life. This means that you are having fun in travelling and you are needint to achieve a long term goals and desires.

#9. Roads

Dreaming of roads pertains to your journey to your dreams, it represents simplicity, fate and adventure. Roads usually appear in dreams as a reminder to focus on the goal and to keep your life simple and focused.

#10. Mud

Sometimes we dream about getting dirty in the mud and having problems with a muddy terrain, it represents struggles, immobility and growth. Your mind tells you that the challenges you are now having is a way for you to get stronger and better.

#11. Green Colors

Green colors usually pertains to passion, love and healing, when it appears in your dream, it symbolizes that those things may help you in the things that you love and may bring healing to your life.

#12. Clothes Off

When you dream about having no clothes on it represents acceptance of one's self. It means that you need to accept the things that are happening to you and also it represent that in your present stage of you life that you are vulnerable.

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