Zambian forum: Romance & Friendship - Where did you meet your love?
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1 Dec 2015 10:44

Are you in love?
If yes Can you describe your love story which begun when you first met your beloved in a public place like a park, metro, train, government office queues?

4 Dec 2015 18:16

Am in love yes ,it all started at church that's where we met . Every sunday when i go to church i always sit upstairs him too and so he used to see me there and one day he gathered the courage to talk to me ,one day after mass he stopped me and he was like hi how are you can i have a word with you just for a minute then i said ok ,,,,,,kikikikiki!!!!!! well he showered me with a lot of compliments and that he has been seeing me for quiet some time now ,he asked where i stay i told him ,then he later asked for my line and i gave him . That's how we started communicating later we fell in love with each other and now ,,,,,,very soon we are getting married. That's it!