Zambian forum: Literature - ** ORIGINAL PIECE OF WORK **
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16 Oct 2015 06:47

This topic i created to serve as the compilation of "ORIGINALLY MADE" poems, quotes and thoughts from your heart & mind.Show how creative you are and cultivate more your talent by sharing it here everyone is free to post it here but please be ORIGINAL.

17 Oct 2015 14:35

The truth is that I don’t know why I love you?
I just know I love you a lot
I don’t even know how much I love you
I just know I will love you forever
if someone were to ask me if I think about you everyday
I would say no, because a day is not enough time
to express how much I love you

17 Oct 2015 14:36

I’m not ashamed to say it or admit it.
I’m an addict,
But an addict in a special way.
You see my one desire, craving is you.
I’m an addict and my one drug desire is you.
Sometime I find myself willing to do anything
That’s just a piece of you.
When you’re near I enjoy the time.
I realize I need you more than ever.
I’m out of control and all I want is to love you.
I need and want only you.

18 Oct 2015 10:16

wow! very nice piece mark