Ugandian forum: Romance & Friendship - what do you enjoy doing on weekends??
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22 Apr 2016 17:44

do you like moving out with your loved ones or paying them visits??

22 Apr 2016 17:45

moving out is better on my side what about u?

25 Apr 2016 14:30

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! everibody is there,

ON THE WEEKEND, I LIKE TO GO TO CHURCH 'COZ I LOVE JESUS, after that i like go to visit my friends, go to watch football, watching animal on the tv & vist the zoo,i like to vist my family,make some pic-nic with my uncle and my cousin, also go to the restaurant with my mom and my friends plus go to kampala to vist my brother and sisters,i like talk with my gf,drive every time,cook with my mother, my sister b'coz i learn cook nice food, ``i like go to see my girlfriend' and go to see the star in las nigth plus the moon because is beautiful, buy clothes,listend the music my favorite song is "i was born to make you happy"

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26 Apr 2016 14:56

chating with friends

27 Apr 2016 12:02

After church service i watch some christian and family movies

27 Apr 2016 22:22

praise da lord,watching movie and evenning walk

27 Apr 2016 22:25

it's ok 2me

30 Apr 2016 18:58

its a nice topic I like it

1 May 2016 07:24

Going out to have funs with friends

8 May 2016 16:22

The Lord Be With You...!
Watching Movies With My Friends

9 May 2016 10:37

eh what about watching arsenal replay

14 May 2016 13:50

I Love being with my family members after service when am wthin

14 May 2016 13:51

Quote by Awoliyhrowland
I Love being with my family members after service when am wthin

16 May 2016 13:47

after prayin' i go drinkin' maruaa local drink

17 May 2016 17:23

having fun ad jeming.

19 May 2016 18:59

staying home with my family

28 May 2016 01:23

I Lyk 2 Playing Sexxxx

28 May 2016 06:03

chilling up wiz ma frndz

28 May 2016 14:40

watchin' movies. readin novels, chatting, playin computer games or listen to music any can work for me...

23 Sep 2016 14:05

i always do clubing,