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15 Jan 2016 19:45

Hi! All Friends, Why is it very difficult for men to become born agains than women?.. dont u think all of us need heavenly kingdom?

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23 Jan 2016 09:57

we do

23 Jan 2016 23:36

Not all men

8 Feb 2016 23:53

#Indeed we all need Heavenly Kngdom But*Not all men only few portion of men doesnt

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8 Feb 2016 23:55

Quote by Awoliyhrowland
#Indeed we all need Heavenly Kngdom But*Not all men only few portion of men doesnt

9 Feb 2016 18:18

Thxs dear Awollythrowland for ur message. But are u saved?

10 Feb 2016 23:02

yes my sister and i do encouraged my fellow brothers and sisters to seek the heavenly kingdom cos time is running out and plse dont be left out and i do kindly begs my fellow youths especially we brothers we hve to access that kingdom now plse let us not ignore this golden time *Amen God bless u all

13 Feb 2016 09:31

Praise God Bro. I greet u all brothers and sisters in Jesus Name. So bro's and sis's prepare ur ways for da coming of da Lord Our God is not known, Isiaih 40:3-5. There's nothing u are still waiting, u cant finish all things of this world, be blessd.

13 Feb 2016 10:25

To love and follow Jesus means to share his merciful love for every human beings;do not be afraid to ask God for forgivenes.He never tires of forgiving us.God is pure mercy :Is 6:1-8;Ps138;Lk5:1-11

13 Feb 2016 15:58

Thxs so much brotha for dat wonderful message. Bro's and sis's da bible says in da book of Psams 1:1-6 Happy are those who reject the advice of evil pipo, who do not follow da example of sinners or join those who have no use for God. Instead, they find joy in obeying the Law of the Lord, and they study it day and night. They are like trees that grow besides a stream, that bear fruit at the right time, and whose leaves do not dry up. They suceed in everythng they do. But evil pipo are not like this at all; they are like straw that the wind blows away. Sinners will be condemed by God and kept apart from God's own pipo. The righteous are guided and protected by the Lord, but the evil are on the way to their doom. Pliz bro and sis dont ignore this msg put in ur minds and start thinking about it God loves u all. Be blessd.

13 Feb 2016 17:27

Amen.Glory be to God,and thanks for such a wonderful message dear sister

22 Sep 2016 20:35

Whether the devil likes or not we more than conquerors and winners coz we are protected by the constant love of our Father, a devil is looser or a lier. Be blessd brother's en sisthers en wish u all a gudnite.

18 Dec 2016 08:47

I want to be saved en also seeking for love relationship in saved world

19 Dec 2016 22:13

You are most welcme bro. Look for any believers church and they wil pray for you. Read Mathew 7: 7-8. Thanks and be blessd.

22 Dec 2016 07:39

Amen even 'm getting grate improvement