Ugandian forum: Religion - ASK FOR FROM GOD
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29 Dec 2015 13:31

Friends, this coming friday
It's a NEW YEAR2016
What do u ask/pray for from GOD.
Next year
I pray GOD, Life,Money &love
Youhhhhh ???

31 Dec 2015 09:41

I pray for love, money, friends, great education, being loved, and more so life

2 Jan 2016 22:22

I pray that God May Quicken my blessings and Harvest. And may bless me outside Culture

4 Jan 2016 13:04

only life, en courage

10 Jan 2016 10:25

life ,money and friends

16 Mar 2016 16:51

We asked God everything we want , if God ask us something are we going to follow Him,

God has required before God pouring out His blessings to us