Ugandian forum: Romance & Friendship - How Can I Make My Girlfriend Forget The Memories Of Her Ex Boyfriend????
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20 Dec 2015 23:54

This Really Hurts Me When Am With Her En She Talks Abt Him And Wat They Did During Their R/ship

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27 Dec 2015 16:27

just endure everything and keep on persuading ha

30 Dec 2015 20:57

Dont always stress your lover,but always give hér all your heart she will forget about the past....

31 Dec 2015 02:32

She is locked in time with her ex. Given a chance, she will discard you and run back to those 'good times'.

31 Dec 2015 07:53

Always try to solve her problems and pay attention to her arguments.

31 Dec 2015 14:46

cmon #prince men . let her be who she reali is whenever ure with her en also be who u reali are whnva u are together. u knw we always remember those who let us be who we are unconditionalli. recognise ,honour,allow en conside all her ways as uo sufficience

31 Dec 2015 14:49

love is a heart ov care . just that. all it costs to buy love is care.

1 Jan 2016 10:28

That is because you dont emmit enough love and you give her a reason to miss him.

1 Jan 2016 11:11

Simply Give Her Time

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1 Jan 2016 11:15

She Still Needs Care

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1 Jan 2016 11:22

Make He Know That She Is Special

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1 Jan 2016 12:28

Show to her that you are a class apart from what she had from her ex boyfrind show her more care and love once in a while take out buy her the best gift and what she likes most by doing all this iam sure you will win her forever be bless

2 Jan 2016 16:49

Create new memories with her

2 Jan 2016 22:20

The truth is her Ex must have given her the best times ever, I advice you listen to what her ex did, try to do more than her Ex did, Show her you can be better than her Ex, and be better than Him, Honestly, she wont get over him overnyt, but your continuos Love and care plus God will heal her and allow you in her Life. Give her grieve just be more than around because she is going to need yoi to cry on, listen to, blame create ur new bond with her that way to ur advantage. Good Luck

2 Jan 2016 22:51


3 Jan 2016 21:40

Do u think dat gal really loves u?,if yes then try to understand her desires en wat sh hate most,sh will 4get hm slowly.