Ugandian forum: Religion - delaying swallah because of work
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11 Oct 2015 18:01

may moslem workers delay zuhr and asr prayers until night-time giving the excuse that they 're too busy at work or that their clothes 're najis(impure) or not clean.which advise can you give them?

12 Oct 2015 18:07

atleast u can delay zuhr en perfm it during aswir time but until night no,ua not praying swalat tarawehe

19 Oct 2015 14:45

Allah will punish us becoz of Swallah, guyz always pray hard

20 Oct 2015 16:16

Allah, first then work.

23 Oct 2015 11:16

U re forgiven now

28 Oct 2015 22:32

It is said in surat mankind that by the time mankind is in loss.