Ugandian forum: Religion - Does Pope Francis Believe Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God?
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30 Aug 2015 16:09

At the famous blue mosque during apapal visit to istanbul,pope francis stood beside the grand mufti of istanbul and prayed for two minutes ,bowing his head ,closing his eyes .At the end of his prayer,the grand mufti whispered aloud :"may Allah accept his prayer ".one cant help wondering :Did the grand mufti doubt that God would accept aprayer from the head of the romancothoric church?indeed ,genuiely accept that God is God,wether his name be Allah or God?

1 Sep 2015 11:35


2 Sep 2015 10:55

there is only one God under heaven though different religions came up 2 brng confusion.4 da bible saith tht in da begining there was one God who wz omnitient,omnipresent&Omnipotent!!thx!!!!!

2 Sep 2015 11:10

yah we all worship d same GOD

2 Sep 2015 14:39

not real truth.

2 Sep 2015 16:43

yes of corse languages just disturb them

2 Sep 2015 19:23

All ov us we're created from God's image so prayers were confirmed seriously

3 Sep 2015 11:47


7 Sep 2015 03:31

Likely similar

26 Oct 2017 21:35

God of the bible is not Allah of the quoran. Acording to bible Gen 1:27 God created man in his image. Quoran 2:112 Allah does not resemble anything ane nothing can be compared to him. God of the bible have a son colled jesus, Allah has no son to mention a few.

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