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21 Aug 2015 21:31

what is the difference between love and passion?

25 Aug 2015 11:51

LOVE Is Real And Forever, Passion Is Short Lived.
Love Stays When Passion Is Gone.

25 Aug 2015 20:58

both move 2gether in a r/ship bt passion fades yet love stay 4ever.

25 Aug 2015 22:09

Love is in born, passion is Lust!

25 Aug 2015 22:48

The two match together.where love is,passion must be present and where either of the misses,then lust overtakes.

26 Aug 2015 15:15

passion is to do something with your whole heart and you focus on it

26 Aug 2015 22:13

thank u pals

27 Aug 2015 21:07

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27 Aug 2015 22:08

both r jus diff wen u speak dem bt dey hold big to eachother......u cant love without passion either way u cant hav passion without love n those who say love stays 4eva yes its ryt bt luv cant stay 4eva without passion n if u say love is real i tel u its da passion of love dat makes it real xo without passion love aint real xo i say love is passion n xo is passion

30 Aug 2015 21:38

am confused

31 Aug 2015 08:33

love is wea thrz passion en without passion in love,it fades so love one another wid passion