Ugandian forum: Romance & Friendship - Hiii, What Would You Do If Some0ne From Your Past Who Hurt You Wants You Back?
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1 Aug 2015 16:33

I was in love with her, but she left me for another guy. but now, she back. saying sorry for leaving and all, please what should u do if u are in my situation? HELP:

6 Aug 2015 13:39

If she left u for another guy, why is she coming back to u? Dont make a mistake to welcome her.she cant take u some where.

6 Aug 2015 14:16

Dont give attention to fools. It's a dog that eats its vomits.

6 Aug 2015 22:25

Pliz Jesus, wherever you're listen up coz we you're people are still crying or from you. Now this guy here is terribly desperate, hey take this or live it, when she ran in for another guy that shows he was done with you. Though i here pple say `the wants wat it wants', you can still her or go and another girl she isn't the only one that special to keep you waiting until shes done with wat shes supposed to do. Buhhhh thats why i L ve !