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22 Jul 2015 08:17

Between a man and a woman,whose mostly affected by heart brakes and why?

22 Jul 2015 20:01

ladies,,,,we hv our own reasons

23 Jul 2015 08:30

That could be Ladies i guess, coz they really Give in Twice more than we guyz!

23 Jul 2015 09:18

Ladies Just bcoz they show out their minds than men.

23 Jul 2015 09:37


23 Jul 2015 13:30

I tink sexes suffer equally, but guys recover faster.besides most guys hardly ever fall in love. nd it' s depends she/he who loved more that gets heartbreak, alot

23 Jul 2015 18:39

i think LYNN your right am with you.

23 Jul 2015 22:26

Quote by scoviasayso
i think LYNN your right am with you.

0kk dear

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24 Jul 2015 17:12


24 Jul 2015 17:54

i think the one who loves most en in most cases they are ladies because most of ladies have got true love but a big number of men are liars en gold diggers

25 Jul 2015 16:07

both can be affected accordg 2 love one had 2 each other, but ldz love most so they suffer most!

27 Jul 2015 15:02

truely,its Ladies Coz they give in whole heartedly.

29 Jul 2015 19:42

both suffer bt much pain goes to ladies coz wen a woman loves,she gives her whole unlike men though a few also do.

30 Jul 2015 08:44

I strongly dis agree wz those saying both coz at dis stake,i see ladies da most affected

31 Jul 2015 17:01

its acommon blief dat women r unable to handle hrtbreak bcause they r clearly the more emotional creatures of two genders.that might nt b the case as often as u might assume.infact,i blieve that men rnt nearly as equipped to handle abreakup or hrtbreak as women r partly bcause of how women r raised versus men.keep in mind that this isn't necessarily true fo every single men or women.chek out the reason.
Women r taught since they were little girls that men r dogs and that ultimately at some point in their life,they r going to have their heart break by would assume that the average woman experiences hrtbreak in a relationship more often in her life time than her male counter she has the time and experience to know how to deal with apotential case of hrtbreak better than aman.little boys rnt necessarily taught that girls r out to break heart,it can really hit aman harder bcause chances he has had less life experience and preparation for dealing with it.

2 Aug 2015 21:20

Ladies coz they don`t have thire permanent home

3 Aug 2015 13:50

Themy u mean sm one wz a permanent home is not affected by heart breaks

4 Aug 2015 07:44

Basing on research and things on ground, Ladies are the victims of breakups. This is seen in the number of mistakes they constantly make in different relationships that most of them end up committing suicide, others end up mentally disturbed and others end up being admitted to hospitals in cases oh hysteria. he other hand, trends now have changed that men too are victims of heartbreaks seen in the number of suicides, failure to commit, irresponsibility to mention a few.