Ugandian forum: Romance & Friendship - how easy are relationships started on social medias than physical ones?
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16 Jun 2015 11:33

I've done my survey on at least those who are my friends and those who are acquintancesYou looking for relationships but my question is, how easy is it going to be here with a person you don't see face to face with those you already know and see?

16 Jun 2015 16:33

its abit hard here on media,idon't think relationships on media can work out

16 Jun 2015 21:26

i don't thnk dat its possible.

17 Jun 2015 00:57

I think it's about trying out your luck, it's not a guarantee that when you meet somebody physically you will succeed.

17 Jun 2015 09:48

ts just to waste time
because even most
people do lie on the

18 Jun 2015 19:34

even r/ships on media can be made physical if u both agree en understand each other

18 Jun 2015 19:38

Janny i know but the highest percentage here do create a personality that in reality it is so far from the is that really gonna work when a drop of a lie is released in the whole thing from the start?

18 Jun 2015 19:44

Edsson,first create trust en jst know dat if yo profile is fake,,,it'l always be shown in yo conversations en i'l notice

18 Jun 2015 19:50

Bt nowadays lav is all about gambling;

18 Jun 2015 19:54

Myracloe really you believe that?

18 Jun 2015 19:55

True it is @Edsson;

18 Jun 2015 19:56

dats true edsson

18 Jun 2015 20:49

so should i presume that you two ladies are gambling with your men?

18 Jun 2015 21:43

Hahahaha;that rilly sounds funny @Edsson; bt truth b told,its jst luck

18 Jun 2015 21:47

Very Easy

18 Jun 2015 23:01

Have you ever realised that through texting many people on Social-media its the way they can express how much they feel about each other,than in Physical-reallity?

18 Jun 2015 23:59

Ssentongo that can happen but what if that person lied from the start yet you want to be serious, wouldn't u be hurt

19 Jun 2015 00:03

Alexandre u sure, if so can u tell us, is that relationship still standing and for how long has it been going on

21 Jun 2015 07:26

truth lies in the human heart one has to for it there.

21 Jun 2015 16:23

its possible any how coz love is found any where its just to trust and see whether the one u selected truely z your choice