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15 Jun 2015 12:43

Is it possible that everybody can get rich?

15 Jun 2015 14:04

Well its ntt that way coz every body possess the ability to be rich bt its just that the majority are not willing to put that ability to work. It shld be that not everybody may be rich coz its optional either to be poor or rich

15 Jun 2015 15:05

lmpossible,coz we dont think e same and pple hv dfrent jobs.there jobs pple do jst to meet basic needs and they wl nvr shift ahead

15 Jun 2015 16:07

dats true en hz a point 2 note

15 Jun 2015 19:47


16 Jun 2015 11:51

I think everyone can be successful but the difference in that concept is that many of us as we advance tend to change which isn't bad. But many tend to become proud and tend to look at others useless and yet they are the same people who did aid us to reach where we are. That's why many have the knowledge and wisdom and wealth but are not successful because of that factor. PRIDE!

17 Jun 2015 02:41

edsson u mean 2 be succesful,u hv 2 ignore pride?

19 Jun 2015 09:26

There are many reasons for what we are: Mindset; success depends on our determination and consistence towards what one wants to become. Mentors; we need the right people to guide us along the road to success. Family background; a well, united and firm family provides a strong support to ones success. Lifestyles; lifestyles for becoming rich should favour saving according to ones income. BECOMING RICH IS OPEN TO EVERYONE BUT OPTIONAL

19 Jun 2015 23:33

Not forgettng d I Q n E Q

20 Jun 2015 00:18

Dats so gud

20 Jun 2015 00:19

Trandon yes cos u don't make urself

20 Jun 2015 00:39

edsson how en y

20 Jun 2015 00:44

To be able to call yourself successful, there is someone who did support you to be what you want but if you start portraying pride just like the devil did in heaven, your fall is gonna be great that in just a snap u will be no body. It does not hurt or cost u anything to humble yourself when u get to the top, cos the God who gives others is the same God who takes away from others who tend to become proud in themselves.

20 Jun 2015 11:13

thanks that is very right

23 Jun 2015 21:35

Itz possible 2 my way of thnking bt getng rich itz acording 2 onez way of thnkng bcse we alwayz invest were we dnt need 2 and we trade wt we need mst bcse of wt we want at atyme. any body interested into politics we hve ayouth plan movng on ( 0788181185)

24 Jun 2015 15:32

I tìnk to be successful it requires the way u reason,hardwork and being humble and loyal to the lord