Ugandian forum: Health - Danger of using unprescribed skin lighteners
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10 Jun 2015 18:26

Most people fancy being light skinned and some would go all heights to lighten their skins. Mostly because they think light skinned people are more beautiful, which I personally don't agree.

Most of these products have carcinogenic ingredients that can cause different kinds of cancers if used for long. They can cause breast cancers and skin cancer. I urge you to remain natural and avoid changing the way God made you because it always always comes with undesired effects. Unless you are ready to bear the consequences.

10 Jun 2015 22:29

i gree with #Enerst

11 Jun 2015 11:41


11 Jun 2015 22:32

very very true

9 Oct 2017 17:00

Beauty is not the eyes or skin colour,beauty is the light in the heart.Am proud of my skin colour!!!