Ugandian forum: Business - which is the viable business for starters?
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8 Jun 2015 20:10

Hello friends. i wish to start a small business but i need you bright ideas on this one. When it comes to starting a personal business in or around kampala, which one is the most recommendable and why?

9 Jun 2015 18:46

Why not start wiz stationary b'se ov so many schools around kampala

10 Jun 2015 09:05

That all depends on how much capital u gat.

10 Jun 2015 09:13

it considers how much you have in for spending

10 Jun 2015 14:52

making mouse traps and selling poision

10 Jun 2015 16:21

The buzness u want to start shd consder what he/she feelz on haert then afta u will tagdet customerz.

10 Jun 2015 16:26

There's many possible small businesses you can start but the question should be which of them do you en visualize yourself doing best?

11 Jun 2015 18:37

hi, its better to start abzns that u have some skills on besides tht u cn stock edibles and soft drinks and other items wc are used in every day life cz of many people there must be demand for tht.or reustrant,bar can work.

12 Jun 2015 10:44

Before all that, the question is what do you see yourself doing best with your abilities

7 Oct 2015 09:08

da main issue is which business do u have dxperience in and the ability 2 do it, its not capital, but confidence in u dat u can do it. thats all

31 Oct 2015 11:57

the one your heart n mind feels good at and if resources available can help u start it

1 Nov 2015 08:19

i don't think Kampala has got Jobs for starters, unless when you've gut to Like you up =(