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7 Jun 2015 16:56

Who cheats most btn men en women,

8 Jun 2015 18:33

ofcos gasajaaa[men]

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8 Jun 2015 20:36

have you ever cheated?

8 Jun 2015 23:01

of couse women,but 4 me what i know we ar equal =

9 Jun 2015 07:52
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9 Jun 2015 09:03

The major thing about this cheating thing is that, guys cheat more because they see themselves as dominant and can get whoever they want. But in 21st century due to women emancipation, it does now change to be equally shared. But to be honest. Guys cheat more than ladies cos between 15 to 35, you may find a guy has had over 30 babes but a ladies in the same bracket may have had not more than 10 guys.

16 Jun 2015 09:55

Both do coz the woman's body is for the man and the mans body is for the woman so all cheat equally