Ugandian forum: Other - what are some things that make you really sad?
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6 Jun 2015 17:33

make u really sad in your life?

8 Jun 2015 18:31

finding out tt my bst frnd is HIV postive

8 Jun 2015 18:48

not being in control of things I should be in control of

8 Jun 2015 23:03

to cheat on me

9 Jun 2015 19:01

When iam betrayed

9 Jun 2015 19:04

hard life

9 Jun 2015 19:14

geting a true friend cen make some be sad

19 Jun 2015 16:16

A close buddy was enjoying a side dish. His wife used me to hook a friend of mine. I feel so bad sitting on all these secrets and watching two adults cheating on each other.

31 Aug 2015 09:01

a man refusing to do his obligation as a father but wants to be respected as a husband!!!

7 Feb 2016 15:07

Death of my elder brother