Ugandian forum: Romance & Friendship - when do u tell that uve fallen in love with some one
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3 Jun 2015 23:00


4 Jun 2015 16:15


5 Jun 2015 09:50

wen you cant kip her/him off ur mind

5 Jun 2015 10:17


6 Jun 2015 12:15

When U start to picture photos ov her or his naked

6 Jun 2015 12:55

Ponthius that's lust...when you love someone is when she or he does something very bad like cheating on you but you find it easy to forgive him or her

6 Jun 2015 19:41

when some one deeply cares about you and you return the same

6 Jun 2015 19:46

A special feeling towards that person that is kinda different from a friendship

16 Jun 2015 00:38

when u start feeling the pain of her abscence.

16 Jun 2015 09:48

When she mingle every fibre of your being , cell of you body and decimal of your heart. Than you can knw whreva your her follows