Ugandian forum: Politics - If you were elected to be the president of Uganda, what change would you bring?
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28 May 2015 19:57

With the presidential elections around the corner. many people already have in mind who they will vote for the presidential seat. i do not vote in the first place because i truly know that result is pre-determined. campaigns and elections are just for formality purposes and to let people know that they have democracy.

That on the side, i you happened to be the next president of the republic of Uganda, what will be your priority list?

29 May 2015 13:49

where is the democracy in this? We are under a pseudo-democracy

29 May 2015 14:49

i know it cant happen ,but if i could had been the president, i would fight hard in hand for ugandan youth to get employment opportunities.and try my best in resqueing our currancy,regain back to the blackmarket.

31 May 2015 21:06

i would vacate kololo residence and turn it into a business center

5 Jun 2015 12:16

da main intetion to add more value on ugandan money fast

5 Jun 2015 12:29

The good thing is that u are all aware rhat democracy is a theory not a reality, it is all round, people voting next year is just a waste of time and resources...