Ugandian forum: Education - A man delays a flight so that his lover does not miss it.
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26 May 2015 17:56

This man struck the airport with terror on his false alarm of a boming. Later it was discovered that it was false and it was done just to delay the flight for his lover, who was stuck in traffic jam, to find the plane. He is most likely to get 2 years in prison with a fine of shs 3 million.
Is this justice? What would you have done if it were you? Did he do the right thing?

27 May 2015 18:41

no this wasn't right at all planes move on time listed, uneccessary collusion of planes

7 Jan 2016 10:28

It wasnt right coz in plane you hv to book earlier and u shud be knowing da day en da time dat plane you hv booked leaves.