Ugandian forum: Education - Know when to accept defeat
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22 May 2015 14:21

True you should be determined in life, but you should also know when to give up. Accept that you don't know, where you don't and get help from the experts. That way we learn more.

22 May 2015 15:24

Thats absolutely ryt not forgettng d fact that learning is a continous process.

24 May 2015 10:16

true coz learning is a continuous process in daily life.

24 May 2015 10:28


24 May 2015 19:29

it has alot to do with up bringing and character

25 May 2015 09:26

Thats when your in concreat walls with the door up

25 May 2015 09:46

When you don't know anything you can learn. it's like a baby it's procces to walk take time but still will walk you are never defeated in learning.