Ugandian forum: Jobs and Career - Would you let your wife be employed after a wedding marriage?
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20 May 2015 20:06

I have come to realize that most men or call them husbands tend to want their newly wed wives stay at home or get them to own their own business other than being employed. Actually you will find out that even those who have been employed tend to resign from their employment.
Do you really think it is a good idea?

22 May 2015 07:20


22 May 2015 15:16


31 May 2015 20:49

would you let her or him work when you know they are slippery?

31 May 2015 20:58

idon't think its agood idea,

31 May 2015 21:05

Having What To Do Is More Important,
So I Have To Let Her Go & Work Immediately After Wedding.