Ugandian forum: Jobs and Career - why do most people want to work within kampala and neglect other jobs in the country side?
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19 May 2015 21:57

when you look at most adverts, you will realize that jobs within kampala receive much attention than jobs in the country side. yet most people continue to be un employed. they would rather leave applying for jobs in the countryside and opt for jobs within kampala. it is also evident with people at the job, they do not want to be transfered from kampala to the country side

What is so special within kampala?

20 May 2015 19:15

business is best at the town center and farming and cattle raring kinds of jobs are done more in the countryside

20 May 2015 19:41

it is d oder of d day-easy life.

20 May 2015 22:24

Dats so obvious, kampala being de capital city ov de country hz 2b wiz alot ov gud staff, so pipo prefer k'la b'coz ov ts gud taste to countryside

21 May 2015 19:57

i think its someone's mindset

7 Jun 2015 06:17

they want to keep around kampala fever and excitement