Ugandian forum: Religion - God's not dead
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14 May 2015 17:49

My God is alive and kicking. Even when it seems like that's not so. Don't lose faith even in the hardest of moments and tribulations that life brings your way. Never lose hope, live hopefully even in the bleakest of circumstances.

14 May 2015 21:38

if He says that he will wipe away every tears frm their eyes dere shall b no more death, sorrow,nor crying and no more pain he is always around us ma God is alive an ready for us amen

15 May 2015 19:36


17 May 2015 12:09

Truly God is alive!He watches every step of of our life.he provides us with every need.He is so caring,loving God.i love Him very much.

17 May 2015 22:35

Are you sure

18 May 2015 01:09

my lord waits until the first part of the night is over and the gets of heaven are opened in the middle of the night and aherald calls out :is there anyone supplicating so that he may be answered? is there anyone asking so that he may be granted? is there anyone afflicted so that he may be delivered? at that time there is no slave/servant(muslim)who invokes for anything except God(Allah) answers him or her ,that means my creater is alive and is ready to help if i ask help or refuge of him

18 May 2015 18:05


18 May 2015 18:09

@Novic, positively sure, through the things that bear witness to the truth; e.g. the sun, moon, the plants and animals, the universe at large and ultimately God's Son who came to bear witness to the truth.