Ugandian forum: Business - Difference between a successful business man and a struggling bussiness man
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13 May 2015 19:37

One thinks of the people's needs and thinks of ways to fulfill them, while the other thinks of getting money as much as possible. The successful business man finds that money is automatically coming in and the other keeps counting and counting and worrying and worrying and his judgement is eventually overshadowed and his business becomes adrift.

15 May 2015 01:38

Very right true only words for a wise one.

15 May 2015 22:26

let me know the difference

17 May 2015 19:07

Successful business is the one which can pay itself while struggling business don't pay it selfs and demand more additional money to be added into the business.

18 May 2015 15:49

Lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thats ryt!

18 May 2015 17:53

a successful business man thinks about the needs of the people while an unsuccessful one thinks of making money